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Swipe Bullet Points

Swipe Bullet Points Below - I have included several of the benefits and features of Click Back Rewards. You may find it easier to use the bullet points when writing your email promotion .. that’s what I like doing.

Feature Bullet Points

  • We take care of hosting
  • Super easy to use
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Be up and running in minutes
  • Lifetime updates
  • Expert training by one of the most established marketers in the industry
  • One-Time-Investment with no monthly or yearly costs
  • Unlimited customer support

Email Swipes

Subject line:

Got Traffic Problems?


Just about every struggling Internet Marketer
I’ve known has been because of 1 of 2 reasons…
Either they had a traffic problem or a conversion problem

Which is also the hardest skills to master…
When you think traffic, you think:
Paid traffic, free traffic, ROI, viral traffic, Search Engine traffic
And more…

I’ve found a software that cuts through all the noise to solve that
To solve that traffic problem you’re having.
In just 4 steps without any more overwhelming info to learn.
Skeptical? I would be too.
But then I watched the demo:


With just one simple function, this web based software generates
Massive viral traffic, gets up to 10x more visitors to ANY url, increase
Visitor engagement and value and it even collects leads..
In fact, Brett generated over 400 new subscribers and over 4,000 clicks
To his Blog with this software.
And it’s not like it only works for him.
It’ll work for you too, check it out below:


Hurry up though, as this regularly sells for $97
However, through Kayol Hope’s Special you can

Pick it up for the reduced price of just $47 and get
Instant Access to several other premium softwares

at no additional cost!


Subject line:

Over 4,000+ visitors for free in days


You may choose to send it to a blog, however you can actually
Send it to any URL you want, a CPA offer, a Clickbank offer.
No restrictions.
So, how do you do it?
You may not be a GURU or some SEO Ninja traffic
And traffic doesn’t just appear out of thin air, and for free.
Or does it?


You see…
When it comes to traffic generation.
You must realized that working your butt off for traffic
Cannot be scaled, and that paid traffic can get pretty expensive
When you don’t know what you’re doing.
So what can you do?
Well… a software was created that solves all traffic problems.
In just 4 steps and ONE function, this software:
Generates 10x more traffic for free to ANY url (tested)
Generates viral traffic from social media (4000+ to a blog)
Increases visitor engagement and value (psychological trick)
Builds a massive list fast (on autopilot)
Gets other people to create backlinks for a URL of your choice (they beg
For you to create it)
Interesting, right?
I thought so too.
Check it out below:


This works GREAT with CPA, Affiliate marketing, Youtube, Facebook
And even Listbuilding & Product launching.
If you have a URL you want to send traffic to,
It’s THE software for you:




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