Case Study #1 - How we used Twitter to "Dominate" using Authority and building our Brand!

After reading this guide, you'll scratch your head wondering why hadn’t been doing this before 🙂

twitter dominate

Twitter is one of the major social networks but in the beginning we failed to grasp the appeal for its popularity. The idea that anything intriguing or worthwhile in only 140 characters or less?

While no strangers to social networks and chat clients that preceded them… we still use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) on occasion for internal communication.

But Twitter? Seemed pretty much a cross between Facebook update statuses in that messages (tweets) are public although short like that of a SMS text message?

So, if SMS text messages are great at sending off a quick message such as, “Do you need milk picked up on the way home from work?” when you don’t require a longer conversation like that of a email or phone call that makes since. Publically sharing that with the rest of the World… not so much.

Perhaps it was pretty much another time waste simply for to share random stuff friends and that everyone was using it because well… everyone was using it?

After hearing about how amazing Twitter was and worth having an account for driving traffic and so on regurgitated from the same, “Internet Marketers” that didn’t really know how to explain why or how to gain a real following.

Unfortunately, the majority of people learning social media fall into one or both of these situations and fail.

Will create an account on Twitter only discover their numbers going nowhere after a couple years.

Purchase packages to inflate their Follower count which won’t seem to help much either.

So, why is this? …Because those numbers don’t matter!

Whoa! Wait a minute; just to clarify what actually matter are conversions that you’re not going to get from social media exchanges and bots increasing the numbers right?

“Pff, perhaps not our cup of tea.”

That was until we starting getting more involved into SEO, web traffic, and branding that we finally woke up to how powerful Twitter could be for establishing an online presence, building authority, and even profit.

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