The benefits of having a "Dedicated Following"...

Friends are nice! But when it comes to influence, nothing beats having a followers! – Kayol Hope

Dedicated Following

Unlike so-called, “Gurus” we are in a unique position in that we began in Programming instead of Internet Marketing which often carries a poor connotation.

While Internet Marketers are trying to promote the next, “magic bullet” product or churn a quick profit through affiliate marketing… we hold the advantage.

Let us put it this way. Which would you figure would knows more about a product best, the guy studying the product in order to try and sell it or the guy that created it?

Once again, which do you think would have the knowledge and credibility to rank a product in search engines for the purposes of gaining an affiliate commission? A programmer that started out in web development and uses various web technologies including comprehensive knowledge of SEO and social signals in order to rank websites or the Internet Marketer that outsources the work to someone like us?

When you’re an 800-pound gorilla like us, we get to sit wherever we want including the top of Google’s search engine results and there is nothing a, “Guru” can say about it.

Now, how can you apply these principles for your online business?

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