How we Build Authority and Trust Quickly!

A 800-Pound Gorilla doesn’t get that size eating only one banana at a time... – Kayol Hope


So how do we leverage what we've started?

First, we search Google for “authority” websites that allow guest posting.

We use these search queries to find guest blog opportunities.

"write for us" +niche

"contribute" +niche

"guest post" +niche

Always check the current authority of the site.

Before we write for a blog or website, we make sure that these 2 conditions are met:

  1. PageRank of the site must be at least 4 or higher.
  2. There must be at least 5 people leaving comments on the site as social proof and increased rankings.

Once we've found these websites, we check out their most popular posts and read them and if we feel our guest post would provide added value than we contact the Webmaster.

Why Popular Posts?

As the editors and website owners would benefit on the "popularity of the topic" right now. Which means more engagement and traffic for their websites.

Reading the current popular published entries gives proper insight as to how their audience is responding.

When pitching to the editor of the website make sure to keep emails brief, unique and personalized. If they have submission guidelines, follow them very carefully.

Craft your content toward the current readers of their site. If they are analytical and technical, try using examples, charts, and graphs as much as possible.

However, if they are artistic and creative, then use beautiful images, infographics and visual representations of your topic as much as possible.

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