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Swipe Bullet Points

Swipe Bullet Points Below - I have included several of the benefits and features of SqueezeMatic. You may find it easier to use the bullet points when writing your email promotion .. that’s what I like doing.

Feature Bullet Points

  • 80+ drag n' drop templates
  • 7514+ happy customers
  • 34184+ pages designed
  • Fully drag and drop interface. No coding, html, css, or design skills required!
  • Over 300+ premium web 2.0 graphics and premium clipart are included
  • Hand crafted templates that give you a professional touch to any page you build
  • FREE updates, new features, graphics, and templates added regularly
  • Automatically publish your pages to Facebook
  • Turn it into HTML with the push of a button or embed it in any website

Email Swipes

Subject line:

Wow this new software will make you look like a million dollar company


Hey everyone I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about this amazing new page builder that is going to take your business to the next level. You see the success of your business is so dependent on how people perceive you. We all heard of it before, dress for success. Well its the same thing in the online world. If you want to be respected as a professional then you had better look like one.

Well I just came across a new software that lets anyone build wonderful sales pages, squeeze pages, opt ins and more. It is fully drag and drop, comes with over 300 web 2.0 graphics and even has 50 killer templates to get you started fast.

Using this software is the equivalent of walking down the street in a $2000 suit (only unlike the suit this software is totally affordable). Click the link below to see how this software is going to make you look like a million dollar business, which will not only bring you respect, creditability, but also sales.


Subject line:

Build a massive list without the cost of getting squeeze pages made


One of the biggest problems I have always had as an internet marketer is that Im not a graphics designer or a web developer. You see its impossible to make money online without having web pages. You need squeeze pages to build a list, sales pages to sell products, up sells, down sells, bonus pages .. and on and on…

In the past I have paid hundreds of dollars to web designers and developers to get these pages made for me. Well not anymore. I have discovered an amazing new drag and drop software that lets me quickly build any kind of page I will ever need. Its so easy to use even I can do it. This is because it comes with everything I need. Over 300 clip art graphics, 50 premade professional templates, and so much more.

Click the link below to find out how I’m saving hundreds of dollars a month by not having to pay high fees to web developers to get my pages made for me anymore.


Subject line:

Are you ready to make a killing with Facebook?


What if you could put your sales page or squeeze page on Facebook right in front of millions of people? What if this sales page could also work on mobile devices. Not through some obscure mobile link, but actually work inside of Facebook an a mobile device.

Well I just found this amazing drag and drop system that actually builds Facebook apps. Not tabs on a fan page. But actual apps that work right inside of Facebook, even on a mobile device.

This software is not only the most powerful lead generation Facebook software ever built but its also super easy to use. Its fully drag and drop, comes with 300 clip art graphics and 50 predesigned templates.

Click the link below to find out more. This thing is going to blow you away.


Subject line:

Its almost over, hurry before its to late.


The other day I told you about SqueezeMatic the most amazing page builder I have ever seen that lets anyone build professional quality sales pages , squeeze pages and more that even work inside of Facebook. Well I just got done talking to Brett and he confirmed that the special launch pricing is about to end.

Trust me you don’t want to miss out on this software. Its a huge value for anyone wanting to make money online. Click the link below before its to late.


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